How to choose the right sign for your business

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A sign, no matter what the size, is often the first thing a potential customer sees in relation to your business. It could be the sign above your shop, a sign you’ve created for a conference, pop up advertising at an exhibition or maybe something as huge as a billboard! Whatever your business is, there will be a sign that is right for you.

There’s often lots of things to consider and here are just a few –

Your budget

It’s really easy to get carried away when it comes to signage, as there are so many options and exciting ways to advertise your business it’s a good idea to set yourself a budget before delving in so you’re not tempted to order something you might not have any real need for just because it looks good. Think about the most important signage and concentrate on getting that perfect before adding to your collection.

Your space

An obvious one but one some people can trip up on. If you need a sign for inside a venue, make sure you’ve got the dimensions of the space available to you – height, width and depth are all important measurements for things like banners, foam boards and roller signs.

If you’re picking signs for inside your building, think about their placement as well as the end look. Will one sign look lost in the space? Will three or four make it look too busy? Do you need one big statement sign such as a banner and then have table top signs for other messages?

If you’re not sure on what to pick, talking through your space and your options with the designer is a great way to work out a package of signs that will work perfectly for your business.

Your needs

Are you using signage to draw customers in? Do you need signs to explain your services, offers or company mottos within your place of work? The content is just as important as the colour scheme for a sign when you’re picking the format as you want to be able to get the right amount of text included, for it to be easy to read, eye-catching and to leave the right impression.

Your style

If your business has a very particular style – for example the style of a health spa would differ from the style of a car servicing business – then that can shape the type of sign you go for. With foam boards for example you are able to have these cut into customised shapes, you can have signs for vehicles and window decals, so many different options are available to you. Again, working with your designer to select the right match is a guaranteed way of getting exactly what your need.

The nitty gritty when it comes to the design stage

The look

All signage needs to be easy to read. Keep the font clean, bold and pick one that packs a punch. Stay away from script fonts as these can be difficult to read in a glance.


Signs aren’t the place for waffle. Keep the message short and sweet. If you need to offer up more information about a service the sign refers to, then add in a website for more information. See signage as a taster of what is to come.


A black and white sign is probably the most obvious of contrast signs but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Choose colours that make each other pop! Also, be very mindful of where the sign is going to located and the colours around it. If you’re hanging the sign on a fence, going for muted earth tones won’t make it stand out, likewise if it’s going on a window anything too light would be in danger of becoming completely unreadable.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure you choose it wisely. The best way to have the perfect photograph for you is to have one taken but if your budget doesn’t allow this then there are plenty of stock sites to turn to. Never just Google and pinch an image online though, this would be copyright infringement! There are free stock image sites out there but you still need to go through the correct process to ensure you are correctly licenced to use someone else’s imagery for your advertising.

If you’d like to talk through your requirements in further detail, the team at Graphix would be more than happy to do so and can show you examples of all the past signs created to give you some more inspiration.

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