Digital vs Offset

There is no real difference in quality between digital and offset with our modern print machinery, so there are only two factors to consider – urgency and cost effectiveness. Smaller print runs wanted in several days are usually digital, and print runs in the 1000’s are normally offset and take longer to print. Just let us know what quantity you require, when you need your printing by and what it is you are printing, and we’ll work out the best printing method to use.

Specific Colour Matching

There are three basic types of printing. The method used influences how accurate the colours will be.

Printing with spot coloured ink on an offset press is the most accurate way to achieve specific colour matches.

Full colour (or process CMYK) printing on an offset press is more flexible but less accurate. We will do our best, but it is virtually impossible to get an exact match.

Digital colour is easier than CMYK offset but there are also often issues with colour accuracy.

All three methods give great finished results, it is just a case of picking the right method and the right price for each printed job, knowing the limitations of the printing method.

NZ Standard & Economical Sizes

Business Card 55mm x 90mm

DLE (Rack Card) 99mm x 210mm

A6 (Post Card) 105mm x 148mm

A5 148mm x 210mm

A4 210mm x 297mm

A3 297mm x 420mm

A2 420mm x 594mm

A1 594mm x 840mm

A0 840mm x 1189mm

Custom Sizes – we can customise any finished size as required – the standard sizes have the less wastage and are the best value for money.

Print Stock Management Service

We offer a print stock management service to those clients for whom we regularly print large volumes. Not only do we print your material, we store it, and when contacted by you, we will deliver what you need when you need it. For more information about our stock management services talk to one of our specialist print advisors.

Binding and Finishing

This is a large range of binding and finishing services available, we make sure your projects and documents always create the best impression with your clients and customers. Our dedicated bindery and finishing department has the ability to fold, crease, perforate, number, staple, pad, collate and guillotine your printed material. We also offer a document scanning service, and a laminating service.  We can see each project through from conception to finished product.