W.R. Phillips

WR Phillips is a family run car dealership with a very successful 75 year history, we were commissioned to assist with several major projects they were about to undertake as they opened a new location.

Once we’d supplied the quotes and discussed their needs, we began designing and printing an ACM (aluminium composite material) signboard for the outside of the building. Alongside this we created another ACM as well as a corflute sign, which is a great solution for short term advertising.

We then created a range of demonstrator decals for their vehicles, these are promotional stickers that are applied to the car to display offers and special features. We also trained WR Phillips on how to apply these themselves, saving them time and money.

The most challenging job was to produce five huge canvas prints that needed to be manipulated and stretched beyond what you’d believe the photo quality to allow. We very successfully completed this with all five images printed and looking amazing in the showroom.