Matt vs gloss lamination

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The choice between matte vs. gloss lamination depends on the printed piece and how you plan to use it. Both types provide a strong, clear covering that keeps the text and graphics completely visible to the reader. However, keep in mind that matte absorbs light while gloss reflects it. This makes a big difference in the appearance of the printed piece and the impact it has on people.

Choose matte laminate when:
The printed piece will be situated underneath direct lighting. The matte finish helps deflect any glare, making the piece easier to read at any angle.
The printed piece doesn’t get handled very often. Matte laminates can easily be scratched or scuffed by excessive use.
You want a modern, sophisticated look. Matte makes a great first impression.
The printed piece contains subdued color tones.
Choose gloss laminate when:

The printed piece is an item that gets handled a lot every day. Gloss provides a higher level of protection than matte and is easier to clean.

You want the piece to make a strong visual impact. With gloss lamination, the colours seem to jump off the page.

Avoiding glare is not a problem.

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