Are you Expo ready?

Whatever your industry there’s bound to be an exhibition to show off your business to local, national and sometimes international customers and as well as offering up all manner of business networking opportunities. Preparing for such an event can be daunting, especially if you’ve never been to one before!

No matter how big or small your stand is going to be, it needs to pack a punch. There’s no use booking a big corner plot for it to then morph into the background and end up being somewhere people just walk past, or having a small pitch and then expecting it to compete against your over achieving neighbour…

Think about what you’d like to get from being there – are you going to sell products? Is your aim to bolster your contact list? Are you looking for investors? Whatever the main reason is, make sure you shape your promotional material and stand décor around that.

So, if you want to sell some products then perhaps having some eye catching offers printed on a banner to sit on the front of your stand would be a good option. Maybe you’d like to have some brochures printed of your product range with detailed descriptions of their unique selling points. You could even use yourself as a model to either display the stock or wear a t-shirt shouting about your best items!

If you’re aiming to bolster your contact list, one tried and tested way to get people to give you their details is to give them something for it. For example you could run a competition to win a hamper of goodies, whether that be from products you sell or simply items you’ve bought like chocolate, tech, drinks etc – have this announced proudly on advertising flags on the perimeter of your stand. Another option would be to give people a taster of information you know they’d like and then grab their email addresses to forward on a digital brochure you could have displayed on a laptop for just a sneak peek.

If you’re looking for investors, it’s a good idea to have your business cards scattered throughout the stand for people to collect, alongside detailed brochures about your business. You could also have a pull up banner mentioning your successes and aspirations for the future and what that could offer an investor. There are many ‘takeaway’ items you can have ready for people to remember you by also like pens, notepads, magnets, keyrings – don’t go crazy though, you don’t want to be left with hundreds of unused items and then change your phone number making them redundant!

Exhibiting at any business event is always an experiment the first time, you’ll quickly learn the type of attendees, the things they’d be interested in, how well you’re received and what you can do to make more of a success next time. It’s always a good idea if you have the opportunity to speak to someone who’s been to the event before, they might be able to give you a heads up to save you making any rookie mistakes too.

At Graphix, we’re always happy to chat through your ideas and delve into our many experiences and proven successes, so feel free to drop us a line anytime!

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