Business cards – The dos and don’ts

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It’s quite astounding how much you could be judged via something that’s no bigger than a credit card. Your professionalism could come into question, your creativity be assessed, your intelligence and your uniqueness can all be rated by a passing glance at an item styled to neatly fit inside a wallet.

The business card might not be a huge design project but what it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in importance. Let’s investigate a few features that are vital to get right when designing and printing your business cards.

  1. Don’t cut corners and never DIY – There are a few things when it comes to business stationary that should not be scrimped on, the business card is absolutely one of them. After your initial meeting with a possible client or networking opportunity, you would naturally hand over a way for them to contact you once more. This piece of card is what they will first remember you by. If it’s flimsy or you’ve tried to print them yourself, you’ll be judged for it. If it looks like it’s been done in Paint or from a template, you’ll be judged for it. If it’s plain and unmemorable then it could well skip the wallet and just end up in the trash can.
    Instead of saving a few cents for the sake of it, pay a little extra for a thicker weight card, have a designer professionally create something for you – it won’t be something you regret spending money on down the line.
  2. Make it pop – In such a highly competitive world, one of a business’ greatest strengths is the ability to stand out. Keep this firmly in mind when creating your business card. Perhaps you might consider including a striking colour that catches the eye from afar or you might go for an unusual shape or sheen – think of this as an opportunity to reflect your business’ personality.
  3. Use it for what it’s meant to be used for –  A business card is a way to remember a company and a contact. Minimalism has no place when it comes to business cards! It needs to give a concise reminder of what you’re about and some great ways to do this are perhaps a tagline under your logo, some imagery or a short list of your services. Think of your business card as a pint-sized billboard.
  4. Double up – You’ve got two sides to a business card so ensure you make the best of both of them. Whether you save one side to be the eye-catching imagery and the back to be the details, or you split the information and graphics between the two – keep in mind it’s almost ingrained in us when handed a business card to instantly flip it over to see what’s on the other side!
  5. Short and sweet – Although it’s important to get all the right contact information and details on a card, don’t go overboard. Keep it clean and easy to read in a single glance. Remember there are lots of other formats for business stationery that can offer more room for nitty gritty details should you require them, keep your business card a thing of beauty.

If you’d like any further advice about the design or printing of your business cards, we’d be more than happy to discuss this with you.

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  • Man I totally agree with all that. Today I met someone who runs a vibrant, colourful fibre shop in Cromwell. She herself is a personality. Her card is sooo bland and pale with no details of what she sells! I’d love to design the card I was expecting to get from her

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