Creatively thanking your customers: Branded promotional products as gifts

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What makes your brand truly memorable to your customers and clients?

Gaining new customers can be an expensive, drawn-out process – and once you’ve achieved it, you need to be able to retain them.

So how do you express gratitude for your customers business – and ensure you’re etching themselves into their memory at the same time? There are many ways to say thank you to someone, from calls and emails to bouquets of flowers – the latter not being a financially viable (or practical!) option for many businesses.

Inexpensive, customised, branded gifts are a perfect solution – let us tell you why!

The importance of customer retention

As we said, acquiring a new customer can be both expensive and time-consuming, with a low percentage of conversion even from your warm leads (approximately 5 – 20%). In comparison, you’ve got a much higher chance of selling to previous or repeat customers (upwards of 60%!) so it simply makes sense to ensure their journey with you is positive and memorable.

While nurturing email campaigns, friendly faces on the shop floor and excellent quality products and services are key to an impactful customer journey, how are you staying fresh in their minds after the sale has been completed? Finding a creative way to thank your customers and clients for their business can ensure their satisfaction, and play a big part in your customer retention strategy.

Unforgettable Impact

It’s human nature to enjoy receiving a gift! Your customers will automatically feel rewarded for doing business with you when they receive a little freebie – it’s a matter of psychology (dopamine, anyone?).

With branded gifts, your company details become easily accessible and right at the forefront of someones mind as they are seen and absorbed regularly.

This is particularly so when you give a useful gift, such as stationery or drinkware.

While business cards often get lost or thrown straight into the rubbish bin, a notepad sitting on someones desk or fridge, or a keep cup refilled on every mornings commute, are a much more effective way of keeping your contact details on hand for customers – and their family/peers.

A cost-effective solution

It is estimated that it costs seven times as much to find a new client as it does to retain an existing one. Furthermore, if you work out the lifetime value of your clients you’ll see that it’s worth rewarding them with a useful gift if it helps to keep them buying from you.

Compare the cost of advertising in a newspaper or on the radio for just one day and you’ll see what great value investing in promotional products can be.

Thank-you gifts don’t need to be an extravagant and expensive part of your customer journey.

Stand out from the crowds with a range of branded gifts to fit any business budget.

For under $30pp you could gift:

  • Coffee Cups
  • Umbrellas
  • Bluetooth Speakers

For less than $10pp, thank your customers with:

  • Notepads
  • Pens
  • Power Banks
  • Bottle Openers
  • Drink Bottles

Practical and useful items are far more likely to be both seen and used by your customers – as well as having an excellent return on investment.

Your business offers great value to your customers, so why not add in a little extra to ensure their satisfaction and return custom?

Talk to us today to find a budget-friendly, creative and memorable way to thank your customers. Whatever your business is, at Graphix we’ve got the solution.

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