Photo restoration and editing

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When it comes to photography and image technology, the digital world has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, but that doesn’t mean our treasured and sometimes very old printed images are any less valuable – sometimes they become even more so!

Unfortunately unlike a digital image, a printed photograph can become tired, be damaged and end up looking far from its best. At Graphix, we specialise in breathing the life back into these pictures and occasionally making them even better than they were originally.

There’s been a huge uptake on families delving into their history and really cherishing the mementos from times past and this of course will include old photos. With the first printed photo being taken around 1826, it’s understandable that some might begin to lose their shine. It’s hugely important, not only to the families but to our country’s heritage as a whole to be able to keep images safe for future generations to enjoy. It’s always going to be a lovely realisation that you look a bit like your great-great-great grandparent or to know a little more about how your ancestors lived and we can be the ones to protect that privilege for our great-great-great grandchildren.

Thanks to today’s technology and our wonderfully skilled team of designers, we can take a photograph that’s faded, been water damaged, been torn or even has entire missing sections and we can restore and rejuvenate it back to looking like the keepsake you’d love it to be.

It doesn’t have to stop there either. We’re able to enlarge the image, mount it onto a canvas, photo paper ideal for framing or even laminated paper to ensure its protection. Perhaps you’d like to edit the background, crop the image or even alter the colours. We can deliver those requests and often much more.

Even if you think your beloved photo is past the point of repair, bring it into Graphix and we hope to amaze you with what’s possible – we always love a challenge!

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