Photo restoration case study

Our client wanted to restore some old framed photographs, as a gift to her mother. The photographs had hung on her mothers wall for many years, and had faded quite significantly. The images were of her 3 daughters on their respective wedding days.

The first image was simple, there was a perfect copy of the original, which we scanned and colour adjusted to match the others.

The second, we were given a larger print, that needed to be reduced in size and the background cropped and then colour adjusted.

The third, needed the most skill to restore the colour, bringing the very faded image back to life.

The genius with this job was that all of the images were very different, but the end product looked like they could have all been taken on the same day. Not only a beautiful remembrance of each day, but a stunning piece of art.

The final act was to reframe the new images and giving the originals back to the client. The reproductions will now last longer, on the most up to date materials, and we will also keep them on file for any future copies needed.

The client was ecstatic with the end result.

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