Top 6 tips for getting the most out of your logo

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Alongside thinking about a name for your business, creating a logo is the linchpin to so many aspects of your success. Something you’ll be recognised by, often referenced by, imprinted on your clients minds but if you’re not careful…. Occasionally forgotten as quickly as it’s noticed.

Here’s a few things to think about when designing a new logo…

  1. Colour – this might sound like an obvious one but it’s often the first trap when it comes to designing your logo. As important as it is to pick colours that suit your brand, you also need to think carefully about where that logo will sit in future. If you pick pastel shades, will it stand out on a billboard you might want a year from now? If you pick sea blues for outside branding, will a bright day almost erase it from view? Will picking monochrome without any accent tone make it stand out enough? Will being ‘on trend’ now come back to bite you later?
  2. Adaptability – One thing a logo must be is adaptable. Although many global companies have had rebrands over the years you must not go into a new logo thinking “ah, we can change it later” as that is a whole other blog subject! Think carefully about where that logo is going to sit. Merchandise? Stationary? Magazine Ads? Website Headers? Think about its shape, size, clarity, ability to size up or shrink down. Try to futureproof it as much as humanly possible without having a crystal ball as you’ll thank yourself later.
  3. Avoid the bandwagon – Logos are as much about fashion as clothes, they can be seasonal, trend led, passing fads and carbon copies of others. Try your best to stay away from what others in your industry are doing. Perhaps look at entirely different industries for inspiration or companies from entirely different decades! Creating a logo that’s completely custom to you and your ideas goes a long way to ensuring its longevity.
  4. Typeface – Fonts, love them or hate them (many do hate them after trying to choose one), they are the cornerstone of a good logo. Think about perspective, scale, flow and impact when selecting yours. Will your font look great as a sign above your workplace? Will it look just as great as someone approaches your building from all angles? Will it be clear to read from a passing car? Does the font flow through the logo or does it jar? Does the font grab people’s attention or just blend in? There are literally thousands of fonts available, if this seems an overwhelming prospect then please do chat through your options with us, we’re here to help!
  5. Less is more – The temptation to pack information into a logo is often there. Some might pick an image and then border it, then fill that border with text, then add another image and add a tag line. Take a deep breath before heading down this road and remember things like tag lines and added extras can always be incorporated within individual design projects for your brand, rather than being permanently attached to your logo.
  6. Distance – Logos are often seen with a passing glance, in a car or flicking through a magazine for example, will your logo stand out in that moment? If you’re wanting to create a roller banner for a conference, will your logo be clear to see for people entering that conference when you’re set up at that back? Likewise, if you’re only given a small section in the conference guidebook, will your logo grab the eye of the reader? Think about how your logo will look at its very biggest to its very smallest copy.

Although a logo is often a drop in the ocean in size in comparison to something like a website, it is mighty in stature so always give it the respect it deserves! If you’d like to speak to us about your logo ideas, please feel free to drop us a line.

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