The importance of wellbeing

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One of the most important lessons I took away from lockdown last year, was the need for me to look after myself more. And from that it inspired a desire to make wellness a priority in our business. Right from the beginning of lockdown, I contacted the team frequently, keeping them informed as we learnt new things, and as more information came to hand. Even down to how our planning and budgeting was panning out. We kept everything truthful, showed them our vulnerability at times when we just did not know what was going to happen. From that we grew a lot stronger as a team, and the cliché of ‘us all in this together’ has really brought us closer.

As soon as we returned to work, we had one-on-one sessions with every team member, to ask how they were doing, and offering a little bit of advice on how to look after themselves well, that I had learnt through the many webinars I attended.

We asked, how they were feeling after what had happened over the last couple of months? And how their workload was now, and if there was anything that would help make things easier. Like pushing deadlines out.

We talked about taking more breaks, and going for walks, even if just around the garden close to work. Drinking water all day, bringing a drink bottle to work, and aiming to consume a couple of bottles a day. And the benefit of deep slow breathing in calming the nerves.

When the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce announced that they were organising a Wellness Conference in New Plymouth, I saw this as an opportunity to share another experience with the team, and to continue this conversation further. We are closing the doors on the 29th of April so that the entire team can attend. I am sure that they will get a lot out of the day, but I will be happy if they take on board one thing that helps them throughout their lives.

Words by Sharon Devlin

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